Phantasmagoria 1/2

Classic Sierra`s quest series. Awesome atmosphere of horror wrapped in point'n'click interface. Nobody at home, night and headphones are highly recommended for best possible game experience. Sic! Game designer is a woman!  

+ innovative [for those times] plot and style of graphics
+ atmospheric story-line and music track

- very slow transitions of main heroine, luckily transitions could be skipped [Phantasmagoria 1]
- some flaws in puzzles, game allows you to forget some important stuff in previous chapters and as consequence you can't complete the game without forgotten items [Phantasmagoria 1]
second part of the game is not an actual sequel to the original Phantasmagoria and is not so interesting [in my opinion] as a predecessor. And it has some flaws too.

But nevertheless of these facts i highly recommend to play through these point'n'click classics from Sierra.

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